The Rainbow Pavilion - Rotterdam 2007

placed in the harbour of Rotterdam

something to dream about

proposal for the architectural folly - Rotterdam Biennale 2007

collaboration with Nicola Van Waegening

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  1. wow i love your work bojana is very interesting!! im very interested in the process and i see that you are too, as a designer is very cool to see people all over the world capable of doing this studies, i don't have so much time for it but i love your images.

  2. Hello, Water wall again, Bojana I'm your fan, jajaja, I need all details. Just more information about the project. On my school I will like to form a new catedra about architecture as mass media, specifically screens on buildings, do you use this on this project or is a theory project ?

  3. Hi, Pedro, I will include more details and information on the project, just a bit busy at this very minute, need to catch a quiet moment... Hope that you can wait. Thank you for the patience...