Invitation by Djordje Stojanović of 4ofseven and Superfusionlab to be a guest critic at the final reviews of the 4ofseven Design Studio Graduate Programme, Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade.

4of7 Design Studio, leading to Masters of Architecture Diploma, is put together by Djordje Stojanović as a "way of thinking between architectural profession and academia". The studio works in the direction and with a special interest in building information technologies, integrated design processes, complex geometries and generative approaches to design.

The reviews are to be held Tuesday 30th June 2009. 10.00am start (subject to a flux of perpetual flexibility)

I am especially looking forward to it, since 4of7 is one of very rare studios in the region of the former Yugoslavia that is concentrating search in this area of designing.

4of7 design studio
Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade
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